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Today. Pretended to forget my wallet forcing Maurice to buy my lunch. Jane Elliott attempted to teach me to knit. It did not go well. However I kept a pair of knitting needles in my dressing room to fend off Finola Hughes constant attempt to make me watch her old “Blossom” reruns. Let it go Fin. Tony ran through the halls naked again swearing at the cast in Danish. Security doesnt even come anymore when we call. Between Kin Shriner constantly parking his Pink Vespa in my space and Tony streaking, they are fed up and bored. GeneralHospital Facebook Page is showing ‪#‎julexis‬ fans some love, so be sure to go on there and like how they’re liking us. More tomorrow. xo
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#julianjerome #williamdevry #thatsmile

#julianjerome #williamdevry #thatsmile

this moment is EVERYTHING #jULEXIS

this moment is EVERYTHING #jULEXIS

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Every time julexis is tv

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Julian & Alexis 07-04-14

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Where does #Julexis’ relationship stand? #GH

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